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A few new FAQ's have been added and some updated.  Check us out!

  • How do I hire a bagpiper?
    contact Band Manager Michael White For funerals contact the above or Judy Pittman 208-401-5685 or

  • Where can I learn to play the bagpipes?
    The Boise Highlanders offer lessons beginning each fall. Currently we are not taking new students, which looks to maybe change in early 2024

  • How much do a set of bagpipes cost?
    A good set of new pipes start around $900. Prices go up depending on the materials used in ornamentation such as silver. Used sets are often available in places such as Ebay, but you can't be sure of what you are getting if you decide to go through Ebay. If you are a beginner, it's best to get someone knowledgeable to help you.

  • How long does it take to learn to play the pipes?
    With a lot of hard work, a person could be on the pipes within six months to a year, and starting in the band within a year. As with everything, it depends on how hard you work, and how quickly you pick things up. How long before you're a good player? It could take years or even a life time, but most of our members will tell you it's a worthwhile journey.

  • When and Where does the band practice?
    Currently, we practice at Holy Nativity Church, 828 W Cherry Lane, Meridian, Idaho Thursdays 7-9pm. . Visitors are always welcome.

  • Where can I learn to play the Highland drums?
    Our lead drummer is Zach Garner and he should be reached directly....

  • Where can I hear you perform?
    Check out our perfomance page. Performances are kept updated fairly regularly.

  • What do you wear under your kilt?
    Come join the band and find out for yourself!

  • What is Highland Dancing?
    Scottish Highland Dance is traditionally danced solo, either in competition or exhibition. It is an extraordinary example of grace and skill, while telling stories of Scottish history and culture. From the Highland Fling to the Blue Bonnets, each dance speaks to the history and experience of the Scottish people, some dating back before the 12th Century. Highland dancing is made of the Highland dances, National Dances and Character Dances. The Dancers of the Boise Highlanders generally dance as an ensemble requiring an additional level of coordination.

  • Where can I learn to dance?
    The dancers practice every Thursday at Backstage Dance Center, year-round. Beginning instruction begins at 7pm for prospective dancers and takes place for thirty minutes with one of our advanced dancers.

  • How long does it take to learn to dance and perform with the band?
    Once a dancer has become proficient with the 4-step Highland Fling, they will be recommended to the Pipe Major for an audition before the entire band. How long this process takes is unique to everyone. There are many factors, these including how much you practice, if you've danced before, etc. Feel free to call Dance Lead Tamara Jackson (208)995-3314

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