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Piper Major Grant Harbison

Grant began piping under the tutelage of Ron Lopez, Don Watts, and Susan Westergard as a junior at Boise High School in 1989.   He has permanently returned to the band after almost 20 years living away from Boise.  During those years, Grant played in several competition pipe bands and is now successfully starting to close the full circle of Piping self-actualization: know-it-all kid; rank-and-file piper; grizzled, burnt-out veteran; and, finally, enthusiastic instructor.  He regularly contributes his expertise in musicality and tone/tuning issues at band practices and performances.  As of April 26, 2012 Grant is the first elected Pipe Major of the Boise Highlanders.  Grant also serives on the board of governors as an at large representative.

Band Manager Ron Lopez

Ron was Pipe Major from 1972 and after serving for 40 years has retired.  He's seen the band grow from a very small group to over two dozen uniformed members and many more coming up.  Ron's whole family have been, or currently are, members in the band.  Ron's wife Joyce has been a piper even longer than Ron.  Ron's daughter Sara was a fine dancer before taking up the tenor drums which she still continues to play and leads the tenor corp.  Currently Ron enjoys retirement and three grandsons.  Contact Ron at thebigdrone@hotmail.com  to hire the band, or call 208-362-3144.

Drum Sgt Locke Nuttall

Locke has been the drumming backbone of the band since the early 70's.  He likes us inspite of the fact that we drag him all over the place with our tempos.  His is a thankless job!  After many years, he stood down as drum sgt to make room for some youthful leadership, but in the absence of former lead drummer Evan Meck, Locke has once again stepped up to the plate and will be leading us.

Pipe Sgt. Bill Earley

Bill has been the dance piper for the band for a very long time.  He steps away from that position to become Pipe Sgt for the band  Pipe Major Grant Harbison will rely on Bill's many years of experience to help him shape the band onto bigger and better things.  Thanks for all the dance piping Bill, and welcome as Pipe Sgt!

Carol Klungle - The Voice of the Boise Highlanders

Carole was born in Paisley, Scotland which makes her the "perfect" voice for us, which she has been since 2001.  Before coming to us,she sang with the Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow.  Carole loves to travel around with the band to our various venues and we love having her. 

Drummer Sara Aycock

Sara is looking pretty serious here.  And she is serious about what she does.  But when she smiles, the world lights up.  (you need to ckeck out the gallery pages to see one of Sara's smiles!) Sara is our acting Drum Major as well.  Though she's the apple of our Band Manager s eye (his daughter) she holds her own on the drum line or leading the band and is a great asset to the band.  She is the drummer rep on the Board and is currently serving as the band president.

Drum Major Sara Aycock

See what I mean?  Sara doubles as our Drum Major and does a great job of it, having learned from the best, George Earley Sr.  It's hard for her to be stern as he is, because she's got such a kind nature, as you can see by this photo!

Piper Lloyd Blackstone

Lloyd, like most of the members in the band, learned piping through community schools.  UNlike most of us, Lloyd is kind of quiet! 

Piper Lon Blair

Lon has been playing with us since 2007 and added yet another zany personality to the group.  Although he's a serious dentist by day, and is a pretty serious dad by night, in his free time he skis and whitewater rafts.  And when he's not bagpiping, he's collecting other types of musical instruments and learning to play them.  He says he credo is: "Don't spend too much time trying to achieve playing perfection when you can have a perfectly good time playing around!"  HEY, I'm for that!  Lon is now serving as the treasurer on the band board.

Drummer Bill Curtis

Bill has been a side drummer in the band for a number of years.  He keeps a cheery disposition even though the pipers tend to lure the drummers away from a steady beat.

Drummer Ben Davidson

Ben started out playing the saxaphone at age 10.  He moved onto drums and played in the Blue Thunder Marching band with another of our drummers, Zach Garner.  He holds degrees in music, resperatory therapy and minors in business, education, leisure studies and fermented beverages!  His family roots run through Scotland and he feels at home whenever he hears the pipes.  Ben is about to defect to being a piper!

Piper Rob Gallas

Rob is another one of our double duty pipers, who also plays with the Boise Police Pipe Band and now serves as the Pipe Major of that band, and is a member of the Boise City Police force.  He's affectionately referred to as Robbie the Bobbie by band members.  And true to form of most of the cops in the band, a trouble maker, so he fits right in!

Drummer Zach Garner


Zach is a newbie to the Scottish style of drumming but he has nearly 20 years of percussion experience under his belt after playing in concert and marching bands as well as drum set.  He is a former member of the Boise State "Blue Thunder" Drum Line and eventually went on to instruct and arrange the music for them for several years.   Zach loves music and percussion and is thoroughly enjoying his new experience with the Boise Highlanders.

Dancer Amy Ginter

Amy started dancing at age 15 and danced until she began college.  After a 12 year hiatus she has returned and is excited to be dancing again.  (A little know fact about Amy, she invented the deep fried green beans that are so tasty and popular now)

Piper Connor Gilchrist

Bio coming soon

Piper Dan Grothaus

Dan performs double duty as he is also a member of the Boise Police Pipe Band, as well as an officer with the police force.  Dan was named Patrolman of the Year for 2005 and we're all busting with pride for him.  Now retired from the Police Force, Dan keeps busy doing farm work and honeydo lists and the like.

Piper Bill Hughes

Bill looks pretty tough in this picture, but it was just a cold day.  I had said he'd been in the band for ages, but he told me it made him sound old.  So now I'll just say something like, you know, he's a pillar of the band.  He's a steadfast member for sure.  One of his favorite tunes is "The Old Rustic Bridge".  Bill stays on top of things by regularly attending the Mastery of Scottish Arts School in Seabeck, Washington.

Piper Zane Harbison

Dancer Tasha Jackson

Tasha has been dancing since 2008.   Tasha likes dancing because it's fun and because people have fun watching her dance.  She began dancing following the footsteps of her sisters who are all dancers with the band.  Her favorite dances are the strathspey and reel, and her favorite performance during the year is Robbie Burns.  You should come along one year and watch her dance!

Dancer Camille Jackson

Camille has danced with the band since 2006 when she was just 8 years old.  Camille really enjoys leaning new dances and her favorite is the Flora McDonald's Fancy.  Along with her sisters and the other dancers, Camille adds a lot of grace to the band.

Dancer Daphne Jackson

Daphne is one of the four Jackson sisters who grace our band with her dancing.  She turned down a run with Riverdance because she didn’t want to show up the other dancers.  (of Riverdance)

Dancer Tamara Jackson

Tamara is one of the four Jackson sisters, whose dancing makes the rest of the band look good.  She is the leader for the dance unit of the Bagpipe Liberation Army.

Piper Bud Lancaster


"Jarheadpiper" Marines will understand. Graduated in the 07 08 class of the Boise Highlanders Piping School. Started on pipes in 2009. 

First performance with the band was the New Plymouth Parade in 2011.  "The most fun I've had so far is competing with my friends as part of a trio."  In 2012 accepted the job as the bands Quartermaster. When not playing bagpipes Bud works as a special education teacher in the Meridian School District.

Piper Scott McCain

Scott has been piping with the band since Tuesday.  He has a secret laboratory in his basement where he is working on creating a bagpipe that will play itself.  Neighbors think he’s killing cats down there, as the process is not yet perfected.  Scott is currently serving as an at large member on the board of governors.

Piper Deborah Mullner

I moved from Switzerland to Boise in 2004.  At that time, I was afraid I would never hear the bagpipes again, seeing as Boise is even further away from Scotland than Switzerland is.  Since that time, I have had the great joy not only to hear the Boise Highlanders perform, but also to learn how to play and now be a member with them.

Not only is Deborah a new citizen of the USA, but she is also serving as an at large representative on the current board of governors.

Dancer Victoria Mullner

Bio coming soon

Piper Jordan Pierce

We have enjoyed Jordan's teaching, great human and great piping in the band.  He is currently on hiatus.

Piper Judy Pittman

Judy's been in the band for more years than she can remember.  She enjoys the company of her fellow bandmates and looks for any opportunity for a reason to laugh.  She is also the webmaster.  If you find errors here, please let her know.

Dancer Nikita Scott

According to her mom, Nikita started dancing before she was born - she was a very wiggly baby!  She started studying ballet with Ballet Idaho at age 5 and has been studying with them since 2009.  In 2011 Nikita fell in love with highland dancing when she attended the annual Burns supper.  Nikita has been with the band since January 2013 and has been gracing the band with her smile ever since.

Piper Leah Shaw

Leah's been a member of the band for quite some time, and of course, is one of the fine ladies that makes up a good portion of the Boise Highlanders.  Leah has been teaching at the Boise Highlanders school for several years.  Aside from her piping skills, Leah is a very talented artist as well.  Leah is serving on the board representing the pipers and as vice president.

Piper Hayden Sinclair

Hayden is an up and coming piping in the band.  All the girls in his school want to go on a date with him, but he only has eyes for his bagpipes.

Dancer Megan Sinclair

Drummer Tiffiney Thomas


Tiffiney Thomas came to us as a drummer once she was released from the Institute for the Criminally Insane.  She’s maniacal on the drums and has been heard to cackle in the same voice as Renfeld.  Keep a close watch on her.

Piper Samuel Ward

Samuel Ward started taking lessons from Uncle Tim (Martin) when he was eleven and received his pipes in April 2008.  Samuel has loved the pipes since he was a "wee laddie".  He loves the fast tunes and has an IPod full of Pipe and Drum music.  He is currently on hiatus from the band.

Drummer Deran Watt

Deran has been a drummer with the Boise Highlanders since 2010. He also drums for the City of Nampa Police Pipes & Drums as well as the City of Boise Police Pipes & Drums.

Piper Susan Westergard

Susie has been with the band for quite some time, though motherhood has taken up a good deal of her time recently.  She's the only female representing in the Boise Police Pipe Band and has written a 6/8 march to commemorate them.  She was commendated by the Boise Police Chief for her efforts too!  Susie is now serving as an at large member on the board, after just finishing a tenure as band president.

Piper Brian Whipple

My parents sent home a set of Pakistani pipes while they were on a church mission to England.  They remembered that I had wanted to play pipes as a child.  At a little over age 40, I started to learn piping with Albert Rowe of the Galloway Highlanders of Ogden, Utah.  Joined the Boise Highlanders in 2004.

 Music is my hobby and besides the pipes I play piano, baritone with The Dunkley Music Community Band, and have started on the saron barong (part of an Indonesian Gamelan Orchrestra).  Having no Scottish ancestry I am free to play all types of tunes.

If you are a member and you are not on the page, contact the page manager and we'll get that rectified.  Some of the bios are made up.  Can you guess which?

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